Stōkt’s Carpet Care Services

Carpets say a lot about a business. If your carpets are clean and well maintained, customers can assume that you care about their health and overall experience. The problem is that most businesses don’t know what services they need to keep up with regular carpet care. Here is an updated list of all Stōkt’s carpet care services to help you understand what services your facility may need and how often.

Carpet Extraction Using a Truck-mount

What: Carpet extraction is a deep cleaning process that involves scrubbing water and cleaner into the carpet through the use of a wand, then lifting the soils trapped within.

Process: Basic extraction services include pre-vacuum, spot cleaning, pre-spray with alkaline product, extraction by truck mount and acid neutralizer.  The expectation is that the carpeting will look brighter, but will not remove traffic patterns.  Depending on the level of soil, time between services, services previously performed or a combination of them, the carpet cleanliness will vary.  Your carpets will look and small better and cleaner, but remember that carpet cleaning is not magic. It is not possible to restore a carpet to brand new condition.

Frequency: We recommend this service be performed semi-annually or quarterly depending on foot traffic in the facility.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

What: Interim maintenance is performed to maintain cleanliness in between carpet extractions. It is a low moisture, encapsulation process with a faster drying time.

Process: Bonnet buffing/cleaning is a low moisture process using a 175 rpm machine, chemical sprayer, soil release product and a cotton or rayon bonnet buffing pad. In cases where buildings have not been cleaned for many years with this method, this is the only method that can be used. 

Frequency: Quarterly

Carpet Protector

What: Carpet protector surrounds carpet fibers with an invisible barrier to help protect the carpet from soil and spills.

Process: After carpet extraction is performed, a scotch-guard carpet protector is sprayed onto the carpet using a pump up sprayer. The barrier repels spotting, but does not stop stains. Spots are removable, while stains are permanent.

Frequency: Upon customer request. While this service is preventative, if carpet extraction and encapsulation are performed regularly, this service is not needed. If you are receiving regular services, the only real benefit is that it helps your service provider to get through your facility faster because the carpets do not hold soil as well.

Stokt’s carpet care services are here to help you make a good, lasting impression on your customers and staff members. If you are ready to discuss services with us, you can reach us by emailing or by filling out a request on our contact us page.

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