Carpet Care

With every step made in your building, allergens and bacteria are pushed deeper into your carpet.

While vacuuming may give the appearance of a clean carpet, it will never eliminate odors, stains and build up trapped within. The only way to be sure your carpet is really clean is with regularly scheduled carpet cleaning.

There is a science behind proper carpet care.

We provide both full service carpet extraction and interim maintenance. Carpet extraction is a deep cleaning process that involves scrubbing water and cleaner into the carpet through the use of a wand, then lifting the soils trapped within. Interim maintenance is performed to maintain cleanliness in between carpet extractions. It is a low moisture, encapsulation process with a faster drying time. 

How it works



Our customer support team will help you identify what services you need based on the type of flooring, carpet, upholstery and windows at your building.



We will work with you to schedule services outside your business hours, or whatever is most convenient for your business.



You have the ability to schedule recurring services throughout the year that you don’t need to worry about.

Our team can get any carpet cleaning done.

Whether it’s a tiny spill or thousands of square feet, we make sure the job is done right to save you the expense of replacing your carpets earlier than necessary. All our technicians are taught in-house, ensuring quality workers as well as quality training and equipment. Our professionals can help you determine how to increase the longevity of your carpet by setting up a carpet care program designed specifically for your facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you provide services?
We provide services in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Los Angeles.
Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, we are insured and bonded.
What types of flooring do you clean?
We clean tile and grout, linoleum, hardwood floors, natural stone, concrete and carpeted floors.
How quickly can you provide services?
We work hard to meet the needs of all our customers. To accommodate previously scheduled services, you can expect services to be fulfilled within a week of two of contacting us.