Carpet Care Pricing Considerations

How much can you expect to spend on your commercial carpet care services? The truth is that carpet care pricing will vary based on a few factors. Here are the top three factors to consider when you book your next carpet care service.

Carpet Condition

If your carpets are fairly new, it is likely that less work will be required resulting in a lower price. The same goes for carpets that have been maintained properly post install and have a quality rating of six or above. High traffic areas like lobbies and hallways tend to collect embedded dirt and allergens, and overall more wear. Such carpets require more extensive methods of cleaning, like carpet extraction via truck mount, which put them at a high price point. Foot traffic may not be as much of an influence as the type of industry your facility serves. For example, if your business is within the industrial industry, maybe the nature of your work brings in more dirt and soils than others. No matter what, ignoring your carpets will cost you in the long run. It is always smart to work with a service provider that can schedule and perform regular services to prevent the need for emergency services or premature carpet replacements.

Space Restrictions

Large open spaces will be on the lower spectrum for carpet care pricing. This is because the area can be easily accessed by technicians and their equipment. Crowded, confined spaces, most often found in offices, may require extra measures resulting in more labor costs or specialized equipment.

Chemical Costs

Commercial cleaning chemical is expensive. If you the customer choose to purchase the chemical yourself, that allows us to take care of the labor alone. It would make sense for you to purchase the chemical if you are part of a buying group that gives you access to cleaning chemical at a lower cost than your service provider.

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