Stōkt’s Carpet Care Services

Stōkt's Carpet Care Services

Carpets say a lot about a business. If your carpets are clean and well maintained, customers can assume that you care about their health and overall experience. The problem is that most businesses don’t know what services they need to keep up with regular carpet care. Here is an updated list of all Stōkt’s carpet […]

Stōkt’s Floor Care Services

Stokt's Floor Care Services

Did you know that floors are one of the first things customers notice the moment they walk into a business? If you are a facility manager or business owner, you are probably wondering what services are required to maintain the appearance of your floors. Here is an updated list of all our hard floor care […]

Who is Stōkt Specialty Services?

Who Is Stokt Specialty Services

Stōkt is an all-in-one building maintenance provider, proudly serving businesses in Southern California.  While the name Stōkt may be new to you, we’ve been performing building maintenance services for over 30 years under the name OctoClean. In 2021, we made the decision to separate our janitorial services from our specialty services and Stōkt was launched. […]